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Belarusians to need mobile phone numbers to leave comments on Internet


The Council of Ministers has passed a resolution on the preliminary personal identification of website users, BelTA has learned.

The new procedure requires website owners to be able to identify their users via mobile phone numbers or other technical means.

In order to create a website account, Belarusians will have to input a verification code sent to their mobile phone. One phone number is valid for creating only one account per website.

While the agreement between the user and the website owner can be terminated by either party at any time, the website will still have to store the data collected during the account creation process, information posted by the user on the website, the IP addresses used during the registration process or during registration information updates for one year on servers, which are physically located in Belarus.

Website owners will have to be able to provide this information to the authorities, including police, prosecution service, the State Control Committee, the Information Ministry, the tax service, courts, and other agencies in line with the established legal procedure.

The Council of Ministers resolution comes into force as of 1 December 2018.