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As of January 1, 2007 the population of the Lepel region was 39,115.

The town of Lepel is the biggest population centre of the region (18,680 people).

Rural population centres are categorized into ten rural councils: Bobrovo, Borovka, Volosovo, Gorki, Domzheritsy, Kamenka, Lepel, Pyshno, Sloboda, Staisk (the aggregate population of 228 population centre makes up 20,435).

Representatives of 32 ethnicities live in the region, including Belarusians (86.5 %), Russians (10.1%), Ukrainians (2.1%), other ethnicities (1.35%).

Able-bodied people account for 59.5% of the total population, pensioners – 25.2%, economically active – 35.2%.