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Lepel district is located in the south-west of Vitebsk Oblast.

The region has significant forest resources, more than 50 percent of the territory of Lepel region is covered by forests.

The abundance of water resources, especially lakes, create favorable conditions for the development of industrial fishing. There are 131 lake and 27 small rivers on the territory of the region. The largest lakes are Lepelskoe (area 10.18 square kilometers), Okano, Bereshcha, Voron, Bobritsa, Teklets. Lake Kakisino is a local nature reserve. There are significant proven reserves of groundwater.

The main mineral resources of the region are peat, sapropel, clays, sands and sand and gravel deposits. There are 243 peat deposits on the territory of the region, 11 deposits can be used for peat extraction both for agricultural purposes and for the needs of heat power engineering.

In many lakes of the region, there are significant reserves of sapropel, which, depending on the composition, can be used as fertilizers, feed additives, in the production of building materials and adhesive additives, and as therapeutic mud.

The population is 31.5 thousand people, of which 17.4 thousand people live in the city of Lepel, 14.1 thousand people are the rural population. The population employed in the economy of the Lepel district is 13 thousand people.